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Planning and forecasting With planning manager you can see the whole planning process or individual plans for each company. You get a full picture where your planning process is. You can create as many budgets or forecast as you like. If you have planning models in Excel then you can easily import those to Rephop (incl. intergroup transactions). Our planning functionality uses the same consolidation operations as an actual consolidation process. It calculates minority interests and compares intergroup transactions.
Planning models You can use financial or non-financial data to build your own planning model. You can create as many models as you like (e.g. different industries or regions). That means you can automate your planning process and focus only on key indicators that drive your business.
Data import Subsidiary accounting journals can be imported automatically or uploaded in any format that your accounting software supports.
Intergroup transactions All intergroup transactions can be reconciled in Rephop.
Historic eliminations You can define automatic eliminations (i.e. business combinations, group level revaluations, asset sales etc.) that will be eliminated in each period automatically.
Currency translation All transactions from subsidiaries that are operating in foreign currency are translated to group currency by daily rates (in some cases average or period end rate is used).
Non-controlling intrest Based on group structure, Rephop calculates non-controlling intrest on each group level, even most complicated relations are managed.
Financial close process In addition to financial position and income statement, Rephop has Cash Flow, Equity movement, Property, plant and equipment, Intangible assets, Investment property, Sales by country and multiple custom statements. You can use these to make your financial close process even more faster and efficient.
IFRS and US GAAP compliant We support IFRS an US GAAP. If you or your subsidiaries are using local GAAPs then all adjustments can be done on consolidation level.
Standalone and group reporting All your financials are stored and structured in a database. You can use any device with internet connection to access your data. You can use filters to see exactly the numbers that are currently relevant.
Actual vs. Plan comparison You have all your data (planned and actual) in one place. This means you can easily generate plan vs. actual reports for periods and entities you need.
Ad hoc consolidation reports You can get consolidated figures for entities that legally are not a group. Just select companies that you would like to see as a group and Rephop generates the report with all details on the fly.
Customized layouts We have designed layouts for reporting to different levels of stakeholders. You can create a layout with only high level figures but you still have detailed numbers for analysis.
No credit card required