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Consolidate your group figures across continents and accounting systems.

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Easy but powerful.

No matter what consolidation transaction you need to record, you can do it. But the powerfulness does not make Rephop bulky.

All intergroup transactions can be reconciled in Rephop.

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Simplify financial consolidation.

You only need to make few clicks and you can already see your figures. Up to 52% shorter reporting cycle and 68% of time saved!

Planning and forecasting

Stay on top of things with planning and forecasting.

With Planning Manager, you can manage and view the entire planning process, create multiple budgets and forecasts, and import Excel models with the same consolidation operations as a real consolidation process. It also calculates minority interests and compares intergroup transactions.

Planning and forecasting feature page in Rephop

Financial close process

Everything you need for financial close process.

In addition to financial position and income statement, Rephop has Cash Flow, Equity movement, Property, plant and equipment, Intangible assets, Investment property, Sales by country and multiple custom statements. You can use these to make your financial close process even more faster and efficient.

Consolidation group approve confirmation in Rephop

Standalone and group reporting

All your financials are stored and accessible on any device.

All your financials are stored and structured in a database. You can use any device with internet connection to access your data. You can use filters to see exactly the numbers that are currently relevant.

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Rephop is intuitive and designed with CFOs. You do not need extensive trainings to get up and running - everything is self explanatory.

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Loved by businesses worldwide.

Our powerful yet simple software has earned us the admiration of companies around the globe for over 8 years now.

    • Rephop makes the consolidation process of large groups more transparent and fast. Comparison of intergroup transactions and balances is transparent, accurate and quick.

      Mailis Kalmets
      CAO at UP Invest
    • We use this program because it remembers for us (if we have told it correctly) the amounts to be eliminated. We don't bother with calculating a non-controlling interest (it's very convenient for combined investments). The comparison of intergroup transactions is convenient.

      Rita Vahter
      CAO at Lemeks Grupp
    • 100% cloud solution, work can be done anywhere with internet access. Rephop consolidation software has made the consolidation process easier.

      Heleri Leppik
      CAO at Eesti Meedia
    • In my 25 years of experience, I can't remember any software that has brought me as much joy at work as Rephop. When I saw the first reports of my work in Rephop, I was completely wowed and I felt a great relief from the pressure that had been driving me to put together the consolidated reports.

      Kaja Kuusberg-Tramm
      CFO at Mikskaar
    • The program is very convenient to use, reliable and web-based, which is extremely important as our subsidiaries are located in Europe, Australia and Belarus.

      Julia Lavrjuk
      CEO at Admiral Markets
    • I've been a Rephop user since its very beginning and I can confidently say that creating consolidated reports is very easy for us.

      Tiiu Velsberg
      CFO at CF&S Group

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Our software is effective for businesses of all sizes and industries.


Good for small startups that are just getting started.


3 entities

$99 per month for each additional entity

  • Up to 2 users
  • 1 group level
  • E-mail support
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Perfect for small / medium sized businesses.


5 entities

$149 per month for each additional entity

  • Up to 6 users
  • 2 group levels
  • E-mail support
  • Planning
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For the biggest enterprise companies.


7 entities

$199 per month for each additional entity

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited group levels
  • E-mail support
  • Planning
  • Dedicated manager
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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, email our support team at because they have answers for everything!

    • Do You support multi currency?

      Yes, Rephop supports all currencies. You can report your subsidiaries in their local currency and Rephop translates it to reporting currency.

    • Is there a limit for number of subsidiaries?

      No, there are no limits. You can have as many subsidiaries as you like.

    • Is non-controlling interest (minority) calculated automatically?

      Yes, Rephop knows your Group Structure and period figures. Based on this data, non-controlling interest is calculated automatically.

    • What is ad-hoc reporting?

      Ad-hoc reporting is consolidation on the fly. Rephop knows all your figures and eliminations, and can make a new consolidated report with different group structure. In this case you can report consolidated results by Country, Business Unit or something else, despite your legal group structure differences.

    • Can I cancel my subscription?

      Yes, if you are not happy with Rephop then you can cancel at any time. We will only bill for the used days.

    • Can I setup group level eliminations (e.g. business combinations)?

      Yes, Rephop has defined eliminations that you need to setup only once and these will be used for consolidation automatically.

    • What are group levels in pricing?

      Rephop allows consolidation on different levels. You can consolidate sub-groups before it will be consolidated to final group. One level means that you can consolidate only on final level and no sub-groups are allowed. Two levels means that you can have sub-groups that are consolidated before final consolidation and unlimited levels means that you can have sub-groups under sub-groups (no limits of depth).